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Folk católico de arrepiar: uma música inspirada em Madre Teresa


Uma oração da santa, em uma versão de um jovem religioso


Ouça o folk contagiante do Irmão Isaiah, em uma introspectiva canção inspirada em palavras de Madre Teresa de Calcutá.

You loosen my grip on life

You lighten my heart with your love

You relax my soul in your tender arms

And you quiet my heart

In this love-filled silence

Yes you quiet my heart

Oh, love

To your hands, my life

To your path, my feet

To you oh Lord, I abandon everything

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Song: Receive Me | Singer: Brother Isaiah

Brother Isaiah

Brother Isaiah

Current City: Bronx, NY

Latest Album: Broomstick

Fun Fact: Brother Isaiah is originally from Sausalito, CA where he grew up surfing, free-style skiing (yes, he has done a backflip on snow skis), playing in garage bands with his friends and playing lacrosse.  He went to school at Boston College where he played goalie and was the captain of the lacrosse team. Though if you ask him, he probably won’t mention any of this. He is a CFR (Franciscan Friar of the Renewal) just trying to seek the will of God alongside his brothers. For more on the Franciscan Friars, check out their website.