Cantoras do Le Div4s mesclam ópera e pop


Música: Aria

Le Div4s é um grupo de quatro talentosas sopranos que buscam mesclar ópera com música popular. Confira!

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Song: Aria | Singer: Le Div4s

Le Div4s

Mini Bio:

Name: Le Div4s

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Latest Album: Aria (single)

Fun Fact: Le Div4s is a group of 4 sopranos who wish to bring opera back into popular culture and spreading the excellence of Italian music. They debuted in 2008 and have since traveled the world performing on all the worlds grandest stages as soloists and alongside great international artists. They have a closer collaborative relationship with Andre Bocelli.

Le Div4s are currently working on their first full length album.


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